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Going through the process to get a temporary or permanent Visa can be overwhelming, but an immigration attorney in the Fort Worth TX area can help if you’re living or planning on living in the North Texas area. While utilizing the professionals may seem more invasive and expensive, it can reduce the stress of the application process and the possibility of a denial. Using the help of professionals and these simple tips, you can complete your Visa application in a successful, efficient manner.

Start Early

The United States immigration system receives millions of applications each year, so the process will require a great deal of time and patience. In many cases, the initial application approval can take several months, so you should begin the application process early and not wait until you actually need the Visa. If you plan to come into the United States as a student, consider starting the application process before enrolling in your classes.

Understand Requirements

Before beginning the application process, you should understand the requirements. Unfortunately, you may not be familiar with the different requirements necessary for your specific needs or your specific location, so consulting an immigration attorney in the Fort Worth TX area is imperative before starting the application.

In most cases, the attorney will need you to supply them with the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Photo
  • Proof of Relationship if Applying for/with Dependents
  • Recent Income Tax Return
  • Business Permits, If Necessary
  • Proof of Income
  • Previous Visas


Interviews at the United States Embassy are sometimes required before approving a temporary or permanent Visa application. Once you schedule the interview, make sure to bring all of the above documents. Be sure to arrive on time as well, since you will not be the only interview scheduled for the day.

During the interview, you will be obligated to discuss your reasons for traveling to the country. Be open and honest when discussing your goals, but be smart, too. If you are coming to the United States for school, make sure to discuss the importance of a good education. Avoid discussing any goals of working and earning an income that is more valuable than your current country.

Do not argue or appear agitated during your interview. Speak clear English, but if you are not capable, consider asking for an interpreter during your interview. Make sure to dress professionally, but comfortable, since you may need to sit and wait for the interview to begin.

Whether applying for a temporary or permanent Visa, understanding the application process is smart. Consider contacting a professional immigration attorney in the Fort Worth TX area from The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC at F:P:Site:Phone}.

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