Keeping Your Family Together

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Immigration can be a tricky and difficult process, and that’s why you need an expert immigration attorney in Dallas, TX. The Christensen Law Firm understands the process, and we don’t want you to navigate it alone. If you are trying to find the most effective, legal way to reunite with your family or loved one through immigration, we have the tools and experience necessary to help you achieve your goal. It doesn’t matter if you are a citizen or a legal permanent resident: give us a call at (972) 497-1017 to get started.

Spousal Petitions

The process of immigration can be helped dramatically by a petition from a spouse. If your spouse is currently in another country and you wish to bring him/her to the U.S., you need to fill out the proper petition (along with the other paperwork) to do so. One thing that people often don’t realize is that improperly filled-out paperwork will inevitably be denied–and all that time will go to waste. With the best immigration attorney in Dallas, TX at your side, the terrors of all that paperwork won’t be quite so terrifying.

Fiancé Petitions

You may or may not be surprised that the government is, at times, wary of freely giving out these visas. The Christensen Law Firm knows the ins and outs of fiancé petitions, however, and you can know your chances of obtaining a visa are in good hands. Verification of your intent to marry may need to be obtained, and we can help you figure out which forms of proof will get the job done.

K1 and K3 visas both fall into this category. With a K1 visa, a fiance may enter the United States, marry their spouse within 90 days, and immediately apply for permanent residency. If the entering fiance already has children, we can help the children easily obtain visas as well. K3 applies to a spouse out of the country–if they are waiting for a relative petition to clear, a K3 can allow them entrance into the country for the time being.

Family Visas

There are two categories of family visas for entering the United States: Immediate Family visas and Family Preference Visas. The differences between the two are important, and you can visit our website to learn more. There are several important things to consider when looking into these visas, including a limit on how many people are allotted your family per year, and how long it may take to get their visas approved by the government. Don’t go into this process alone: find your immigration attorney in Dallas, TX at (972) 497-1017 to get started.

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