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Any citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter the United States must obtain a visa, and an immigration attorney in the Dallas, TX area can help with this complicated process. Any individual seeking to enter the U.S. to visit, work, or go to school in the Lone Star State should consult an experienced immigration attorney in the Dallas, TX area. Completing the forms incorrectly or missing out on certain information can hurt the applicant’s chances of obtaining a visa. Although applicants can reapply, reapplications require extra time and money.

Immigration Attorney in Dallas, TX – Types of Temporary Visas

Student Visas
There are two main types of student visas: F visas and M visas. An F-1 visa is a visa for students seeking education in an academic training program, such as a university or college, a high school, a private elementary school, a seminary, or a conservatory. If the student has dependents, those dependents may be able to obtain an F-2 visa to remain in the country with the student. It should be noted that F-2 visas do not permit the holder to work in the U.S., but they do permit the holder to attend public school. An M visa is for a student who wishes to attend a vocational school that is not academic.

To obtain a student visa, the student must apply to the educational institution, complete the I-20 form after applying, and submit the form DS-160 application with a photo for processing. Students between the ages of 14 and 79 may be interviewed by a consular officer.

Tourist Visas
The B visa is a tourist visa, also called a visitor visa, and is very limited in scope. The holder of a B visa can visit the U.S. for a limited period of time, either for business or pleasure. The B-1 visa permits a temporary stay for business purposes, while the B-2 visa permits a temporary stay for non-business purposes such as tourism or visiting family. The applicant must prove to the consular officer’s satisfaction that he or she intends to return to his or her home country. The consular officer has wide discretion to deny the visa, and although there is no appeal process if the visa is denied, the applicant can reapply.

Work Visas
Work visas are issued to citizens of foreign countries who have obtained employment in the U.S. on a temporary basis for a fixed amount of time. There are multiple types of work visas, and each addresses different types upon the types of work. There are work visas for agricultural and non-agricultural employees as well as artists and entertainers and individuals with specialty skills. There are work visas for individuals who work for global corporations and are transferring to the U.S. from an international branch. There is even a work visa for a person who seeks specialized training available in the U.S. that is not available in his or her home country.

Anyone seeking a visa for any reason should first consult with an immigration attorney in the Dallas, TX area. Attorney Nathan Christensen has years of experience assisting workers, students, and visitors with obtaining the appropriate visas. To set up a consultation, call (972) 497-1017 today or visit us on the web at

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