Does the RAISE Act Affect Your Visa? A Deportation Lawyer Can Help!


We know the new administration is looking to revise immigration. But revise what?

President Trump supports the RAISE Act (Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment).

Here are some changes the act proposes:

  1. It would cut legal immigration in half, issuing about 500,000 green cards instead of the 1 million green cards the US currently issues.
  2. Employment-based green cards will move to a points system, much like Canada and Australia.
  3. Immigrants would be ineligible for federal benefits for 5 years, including welfare.
  4. It places greater restrictions on people immigrating through family connections.
  5. It will eliminate the diversity program, AKA “the lottery.”
  6. It will also cut the number of incoming refugees by over 50%.

The law does not affect seasonal visas for guest workers.

If these laws might affect you or your family, sit tight. The proposal isn’t likely to go to vote until at least 2018. It also does not yet have enough support to pass. If you’re interested in either supporting or preventing this law from passing, make your opinion known to your representatives. For more information on the ever-changing immigration laws and how they affect your application, contact a deportation lawyer at The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC at }.

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