When is the Right Time to Call?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Families and individuals dealing with immigration issues may wonder when is the right time to hire an immigration lawyer in Fort Worth TX. There is no right answer for every person and every situation, but as a general rule, it’s best to call in an immigration lawyer once things start to get complicated.

Some immigration issues are simpler to solve than others. Some things like granting visas, take just a few steps. Other issues, like a family member gaining citizenship, can be complicated and take months or even years to finish.

Here are a few immigration issues these lawyers can help with:

  • Deportation defense
  • Citizenship process
  • Asylum requests
  • Refugee status requests
  • Spousal petitions
  • Fiance’ petitions
  • Stateside waiver requests
  • DACA defense
  • Work visas
  • School visas
  • Tourist visas

People dealing with any of these issues, or thinking about starting these processes, should first consult with an immigration lawyer Fort Worth TX before they get started. There are many steps to these processes, and starting off on the right foot with legal guidance is always best.

Don’t Skip Steps!

While most immigration processes are laid out in simple terms, there are more steps than most people realize. With the help of an immigration lawyer Fort Worth TX, you can be sure that no steps are skipped.

Changing the Rules

Immigration laws change more often than most people think. That means the paperwork and requirements change frequently. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard by completing the steps the outdated way. Immigration attorneys are required to have updated information regarding all immigration processes.

Save Some Time

Gaining citizenship, filing spousal petitions, and court cases are all made easier with a proper immigration lawyer. Going to court can be time-consuming, especially if you plan to defend yourself. Save some time and hire a lawyer who can have all the proper paperwork ready on time.

Look Professional

Everyone looks better in court when they have an attorney at their side. Finding a lawyer who truly wants the best for you and your family is a necessary step to any immigration process. An attorney will help you look prepared, serious, and professional.

When the Time is Right

So to answer the original question, the best time to call an immigration lawyer is before you get started with any of the immigration processes. The more the attorney knows, the better equipped he or she will be to help you. Find someone who wants the best for you and can defend your case in court if needs be. The Christensen Law Firm, P.C is an excellent choice. We’ve helped people through all these facets of immigration and we can help you. Call us today at (972) 497-1017 or visit us online at
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