Immigration Resolution in 2015? Ask an Immigration Attorney in the Dallas TX area

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Washington’s antics have kept every immigration attorney in the Dallas TX area — and around the country — on their toes and busier than ever. 2014 was supposed to have been the year for immigration reform, but that would have required the two sides of the political aisle to each have realistic ideas for reform and also be willing to work together. Since neither requisite apparently exists, not much progress was made in what should have been a significant year in the history of U.S. immigration policy. Even so, there is still hope for 2015, as the New York Times recently reported on the approval of a vital spending bill that funds the government through September 2015, but only funds Homeland Security through February of 2015. The issue of partial funding for Homeland Security will put the immigration issue back on the front burner early in 2015 before people’s attention get turned to the upcoming 2016 presidential election.

An early 2015 resolution for immigration is just what U.S. Representative Mario Diaz-Balart is looking for. He’s been holding onto a bill for months that he hopes to get passed ASAP. Consideration of the bill was tabled for the rest of the year (2014), but possibly February 2015 will see Diaz-Balart’s bill, which has the potential for garnering support from both Republicans and Democrats, bring the reform both immigrants and U.S. citizens have long been awaiting. With the major political parties playing a tug-of-war with the futures of immigrants in the U.S., it’s necessary to consult an immigration attorney in the Dallas TX area almost daily to see what new changes have developed. Diaz-Balart’s bill, however, could be the solution that should have been put in place years ago. According to the American Immigration Center, the bill provides a path for undocumented immigrants to obtain legal status while increasing enforcement of the U.S. border and stepping up immigration enforcement inside the U.S.

For immigrants living in Texas, if the constantly changing landscape of immigration in the U.S. has your head spinning, the best option for understanding the current laws is to contact an immigration attorney in the Dallas TX area. The Christensen Law Firm, headed up by Nathan Christensen himself, is the law office for dealing with immigration concerns. With a degree in International Relations from BYU and a law degree from the Texas Tech University School of Law, Nathan has extensive experience that includes working at an established Mexican Law Firm. Call the Christensen Law Firm today. Nathan knows the current facts on immigration law and is the attorney who’s committed to providing the best possible representation at an affordable price.


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