The U.S. Government Extend TPS Re-Registration Periods for El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Nepal and Sudan.


Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is extending the periods to re-register for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) under the designations of El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Sudan from 60 days to 18 months. This is a big deal.

The extended 18-month re-registration periods for the designated countries are as follows:

  • For El Salvador, the re-registration period now runs through March 9, 2025;
  • For Haiti, through Aug. 3, 2024;
  • For Honduras, through July 5, 2025;
  • For Nepal, through June 24, 2025;
  • For Nicaragua, through July 5, 2025; and
  • For Sudan, through April 19, 2025.

Understand that this announcement does not change the previously announced extensions of the validity of TPS designations for these six countries, and it does not change the eligibility requirements. It just extends the period when existing beneficiaries may re-register for their benefits. If you have TPS from any of these countries, make sure you reregister before these dates expire or you will lose TPS.

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