Why Immigrate?

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When looking for US Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Dallas, TX area, you must consider what’s important for your specific needs and desires. The safety and security of your loved ones may be crucial for your process of immigrating, fighting deportation, or gaining citizenship.

However, not all individual desires revolve around the reunification of the family agenda. There are many other reasons why people emigrate and because of this, many different processes are used for different needs. The Law Of Nathan Christensen PC can help you assess your purpose and guide you through the process needed to achieve that goal. Here are some reasons why one might choose to travel to the United States and the process commonly involved with each one.

Unpredictable Circumstances

An unforeseeable tragedy can be the sole reason for a desire to emigrate. Environmental factors, although often overlooked, can be a huge reason for immigration. Natural catastrophes, like hurricanes and earthquakes, often force people to leave their carnage-ridden homes. Political atmospheres and religious violence contribute to some specific problems that create a mass emigration. Terrorist attacks force many families into a rut of finding a new, safe place to live. Asylum cases can help people find safety after danger arises in their home country. The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC can give you consultations about asylum applications and more information on how to achieve permanent residence under asylum laws.


Many people consider their family as the strongest reason to gain citizenship in a different place. Often, people are separated by geographical barriers from their fiancé or spouse. Luckily, a petition can be made to be united with these loved ones. Fiancé petitions can be filed for a temporary visa in order to complete the marriage process. After that, you can file for permanent residency. If you are married to a current U.S. resident, a spousal petition can be created by your spouse for your desire to become a permanent resident. Since the June 2015 ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges, spousal petitions can also be filled out for same-sex marriages.


Many young people hold the desire to study abroad in a new, foreign country for the experience of gaining cultural and intellectual growth. For these temporary residents, a student visa can be filled out. A student visa creates an educational opportunity for the filer under a full course of study. Religious workers may also wish to travel to a new place for a spiritual opportunity. Religious workers can work in the United States legally under either a temporary visa or with permanent residency.

The process of immigration can be a complex one, and it can also be rocky with difficulties. The purpose of many immigrants’ move is to be connected with loved ones and to create a better lifestyle for themselves. That’s why the search for a helpful guide through the involved laws dealing with immigration and citizenship is of heavy importance. When looking for U.S. citizenship and immigration services in Dallas, TX area, consider The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC for an immigration lawyer to help you achieve your individual goals.

The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC works to help with the U.S. citizenship and immigration services you need in the Dallas, TX area. Visit immigrationlawyerdallastx.com for more information on family immigration.

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