US Citizenship and Immigration Services Dallas TX: Temporary Visas

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For people seeking to stay in the U.S. temporarily, visitor visas are available through US citizenship and immigration services Dallas TX area. The B-1 visa is issued to people entering the US for business, and the B-2 visa is issued to tourists and others for non-business reasons. These categories may be combined in a B-1/B-2 visa for a combination business and tourism trip.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services Dallas TX area: Temporary Visa Overview

To obtain a B-1 visa, you need to prove that you need to enter the US in order to do one of the following: settle an estate, negotiate a business contract, attend a professional or business conference, or meet with business associates. To be approved for a B-2 tourism or visit visa, you need to show that you’re going on vacation or visiting with friends and relatives. People participating in amateur sports or entertainment programs are also eligible for tourism visas, as are people taking short educational courses during a vacation. Individuals who need to fly into the US for necessary medical treatments can also get a B-2 visa.

People who want to come to the US for study, employment, or to perform as part of a paid entertainment act must obtain another type of visa. Performers need a P-3 or P-2 visa; employees or contractors need an H-1, L, O, or Q-1 work visa; students need an F-1 student visa.

Immigration Services in the Dallas TX area: Applications and Interviews

B-1 or B-2 visas are good for one to 10 years and can be used for one or more entries into the US. In order to obtain a B-1 or B-2 visa, you must complete form DS-160 and complete a photo. An immigration law firm can help you fill out the form correctly. People 13 and under or 80 and older don’t need to be interviewed when applying for a visitor visa, but most people 14 to 79 must be interviewed for the visa to be approved.

You’ll need to schedule an interview at your local US embassy or consulate in your native country. There’s an application fee and documentation required. Documentation includes a passport valid for travel to the US, photo, intent to return to your home country, and evidence of the ability to pay for the trip.

The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC offers many US citizenship and immigration services Dallas TX area, including helping individuals seeking temporary visas for a vacation or business matters. Our office takes the guesswork out of application fulfillment and documentation, assuring you of quicker processing. Call us today at (972) 497-1017 for a low-cost consultation. We offer payment plans and take all major credit cards.

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