Your Immigration Interview

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When you consult an immigration attorney in the Dallas TX area because you need help applying for a visa to live and work in the United States, you’ll learn that the culmination of the application process is the immigration interview. For many people, and possibly for you, the application process can take years and you might think that the immigration interview is just a formality at the end of that process. In reality, the interview is the last, critical step that will determine whether or not your visa request is granted. Here are some things you should know that will increase your chances of a positive outcome:

Immigration Attorney Dallas TX area: Get To The Interview On Time

Remembering how important your immigration interview is will ensure that you arrive on time for your interview. If you are late, for any reason, the immigration officer conducting the interview may deny your application. Make sure you leave enough time for traffic and lines to enter the building.

Immigration Attorney Dallas Area: Wait For Your Attorney

You may be asked to start your interview early; but if your attorney isn’t with you yet, ask the immigration officer – politely – if you can wait for him or her. You are within your rights to ask to wait until the appointed time for your interview and you don’t want to be interviewed without your legal counsel there to ensure that all of your other rights are protected.

Immigration Attorney In Dallas TX area: Dress For The Occasion

Be sure to dress appropriately for your interview. Wear conservative clothing and present a clean, neat appearance that shows the appropriate amount of respect for the process of applying for a visa to live in the United States.

Immigration Attorney Dallas Area: Bring Documentation

Make sure to bring at least two copies of all documents and forms you might need for your interview. Try to be familiar with the information in them so that you can answer questions promptly without having to refer to them too often.

Immigration Attorney Dallas TX area: Answer Questions Honestly And Accurately

Immigration officers conduct hundreds of interviews every year so it’s important not to frustrate them by not listening to their questions and not answering them concisely and accurately. You’ll be asked specific questions that require you to know names, dates, and other details; for that reason, you should be prepared to come up with any information as it’s requested. Ask your attorney about the types of questions you can expect and don’t guess with your answers. It’s best to tell the interviewer that you forgot an answer rather than getting it completely wrong.

The best way to ensure success with your immigration interview is to work with an experienced immigration attorney in the Dallas TX area. At The Law Office of Nathan Nathan Christensen P.C., we can help you with your visa application process and immigration interview. Call us at (972) 497-1017 to schedule an appointment and visit us online to find out more about our immigration services.

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