Calling a Deportation Lawyer Can Help as Trump Incites ICE Hiring Push

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Is Donald Trump serious about his tough stance on deportation? Fort Worth area deportation lawyers need only look at the president’s hiring goals to validate his claims.

Since the primaries, President Trump has harped on his intentions to ramp up deportations of illegal immigrants guilty of crimes. Experts agreed, for better or worse, that such a strategy would require a significantly larger pool of enforcement officers.

News broke this month that two government agencies, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), would be working on plans to support a massive hiring effort.

ICE and CBP Hiring Push

Fort Worth areadeportation lawyers have been keeping an eye on the hiring of ICE agents in particular. President Trump wants to hire at least 10,000 more enforcement officers in the next few years, which would “triple the number of ICE agents,” in his words.

ICE agents typically earn $63K per year right out of the gate, and since that average is significantly ahead of many other entry-level law enforcement jobs (in both the national and police sectors), the only barrier to hiring these 10,000 agents seems to be red tape.

Despite a lower starting salary ($52,000) for CBP agents, Donald Trump would also like to add 5,000 CBP jobs to a current roster of 20,000.

Here’s What You Should Do if Approached by ICE or CBP Agents

A deportation lawyer would point to the ICE and CBP hirings as signs that the current administration is serious about deportation. What should you do if your home is approached by agents?

Don’t Open the Door

First of all, speak to the officers through your closed door. Never invite officers inside unless you legally have to; once inside, officers can search your house or see people inside, whether they have a warrant or not.

Ask to See the Warrant

Most ICE agents will have a warrant, BUT it probably isn’t a judicial warrant. What’s the difference? A judicial warrant will be signed by a judge, and it will clearly state the purpose of the warrant. An administrative warrant won’t have an expressed permission signature from a judge to enter your house. Nothing short of a judicial warrant allows officers inside your home.

Have a Lawyer on Hand
Don’t try to figure out the legalities on your own–it can only get you into more trouble. If you have questions or concerns about your legal standing as an immigrant, call The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC at (972) 497-1017 immediately. You don’t have to face immigration questions on your own–let us know how we can help.

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