The Three Main Reasons You Need a Dallas Deportation Attorney

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Deportation is something we see in the news daily, especially given today’s political circumstances. It can be hard to understand exactly how strict individual laws are and who they apply to if a law has been enacted or changed. Today, it is crucial to have a Dallas deportation attorney to assist you in any situation you may encounter concerning your immigration status. There are three main reasons for deportation, and having an attorney will help you understand these challenges, navigate the court system and ease your mind.

  1. Committing fraud or misrepresentation of your Visa or Greencard. The ability to create a fake license, visa, or other proof of identification has never been so easy in today’s world. However, there has also been an increase in technology’s ability to recognize an identification that is fraudulent. If you worry about the authenticity of your visa, green card, or another identification card, having a Dallas deportation attorney can help in assisting your case when it comes to a court of law. It eases your mind by having a trusted attorney to help you throughout this harried process.
  2. Conviction of a crime. An individual’s criminal history can cause concern when the risk of deportation is taken into consideration. A common concern involves drug crimes. While marijuana may be an exception to this situation, having a history of carrying narcotics may put you at risk for deportation. Other crimes may include illegal trafficking of firearms, money laundering, or murder. Having a Dallas deportation lawyer can help you navigate this scrutinizing process within the courts. Though you may have a background that raises questions for some, hiring an attorney can help.
  3. Violating the terms of your visa. Visas have many categories, affecting those who are immigrant workers, students and business visitors. The rules and regulations attached to your visa are crucial to follow, and not following those guidelines can have serious consequences. Whether you are a student overstaying your visa or an immigrant worker who wants to continue to benefit from an American income, having a Dallas deportation attorney can help you sort out any issues that arise with your visa. Learning the terms and conditions of your specific visa can help you to continue your life and work in the United States.

Legality in these situations can be a matter of whether or not one is granted to stay in the United States. Find a Dallas deportation attorney to help you prevent deportation at The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC. For more information, call (972) 497-1017 or visit

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