Four Major Myths of the Immigration and Naturalization Process


Immigration and naturalization service pros know there are many myths and misconceptions swirling around the naturalization process towards becoming a US citizen.

Here are four myths that may be standing in your way:

  1. The test is hard. The English and civics test is not difficult to pass as long as you take the time to study. If you are unprepared and fail, you will get a second chance to take the exams.
  2. There is no benefit of citizenship versus permanent residence. As a US citizen, you cannot be deported, minors of US citizens are automatically granted citizenship and your family will get priority should they decide to immigrate. None of these advantages come with just being a permanent resident.
  3. It’s okay to tell white lies on your exam. Even if you feel it improves your chances, you should not lie. Lying can lead to criminal charges. If there is something in question, seek the help of an immigration attorney.
  4. You have to go it alone. People that seek outside help through this process have a much better chance of passing the exams and becoming US citizens.

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