US Visas and Eligibility for a U Visa for Crime Victims in Dallas, TX


In 2000, the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act authorized two new US visas to help victims. The “U” visa assists victims of serious crimes, and the “T” visa helps victims of human trafficking. These visas were created as a response to public safety concerns and allow victims to stay in the United States and help law enforcement officials apprehend involved criminals. The visa lasts for up to four years, and those who have it can apply for a green card after three years’ time. To apply for a “U” US visa in the Dallas area, eligibility and the application process involves many steps.

Who Can Apply for a “U” Visa?

  • Someone who is a victim of “qualifying criminal activity” in the United States. Crimes that apply to the “U” visa include violent crimes, enslavement crimes, sexual crimes, those that obstruct justice, or those that cause fraud in a foreign labor contract.
  • Someone who suffered physical or mental damage because of said criminal activity. Medical records are required to show support of your abuse. Documents, descriptions, photographs, and statements will all be under consideration when determining whether or not you apply for this level of US citizenship and immigration services in the Dallas area.
  • Someone who has information about the criminal or criminals involved. A law official must testify in your favor that you have sufficient information to help in the investigation process. If you are forthcoming with relevant information, the likelihood of someone testifying on your behalf will increase greatly.
  • Someone who can assist law enforcement in resolving involved crimes. To be of assistance in your related offense, you must not have a criminal background of your own. Having an immigrant violation, medical condition, or conviction may seriously hinder your chance of receiving a “U” visa.

If you think you may be eligible for a U visa, the sooner you apply, the better chance you have at receiving one. A statement with as much detail as possible and an arsenal of information about your related crime should boost your chances of staying in the country. Applying as early as possible during the criminal case will allow you to convince officials better that you would be necessary to solve the case on hand.

With help from the Immigration & Naturalization Service in the Dallas area, your family may be granted “U” visa recipients as well. These family members include children under the age of 21, your spouse, and your parents or unmarried siblings if you file under the age of 21.

To obtain a US visa in the Dallas, Texas area, let the Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC help begin your “U” visa process. Call (972) 497-1017 or visit to take your first steps today.

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