How Immigration Services in Dallas Can Earn You a Provisional Waiver


If your partner, spouse, or relative has been barred from the United States, applying for a provisional waiver is something that may have crossed your mind. A document designed for family and loved ones, a provisional waiver, if approved, allows individuals who need to acquire an immigrant visa to shorten the time separated from their family before becoming a citizen of the United States. The waiver protects them from unlawful presence bars while trying to obtain their immigrant visas. Even if someone has to leave the country, a provisional waiver will ensure that separation will not be for long. Though a powerful form, it requires an expensive application fee. The denial rate has also been a frequent criticism. Immigration and naturalization service in the Dallas area can help you decide whether or not this is the right choice for you. What do you need to know about a provisional waiver?

  • All immigrants fall under consideration. Whether someone left their country as a refugee, an asylee, or someone who was seeking another life, the provisional waiver applies to immigrants from all walks of life. Those who were running from an unhealthy lifestyle, such as refugees, are more likely to be considered. However, all cases are importantly unique and have pros and cons alike. A citizenship and naturalization service can help you determine if your immigration situation may qualify you for a provisional waiver.
  • It favors marriages. While this waiver is openly available, those in marriages or serious relationships are accepted more often because of their close status. Two people who have built a life together are more likely to be seen as someone in a favorable position than someone who is single. If you are in a serious relationship and are dealing with immigration detainments, a provisional waiver may be your best bet to maintain a relationship with your loved one.
  • It comes with a high fee and a high disapproval rating. If you think your case is a solid one, applying for a provisional waiver may be beneficial in the long run. However, know that the initial application fee requires a costly fee. Additionally, if you denied, there is no room within the waiver for an appeal. A U.S. citizenship and immigration service in the Dallas area can help you understand whether or not your case is strong enough for a provisional waiver.

If you feel that your situation fits the criteria needed, applying for a provisional waiver is something that can keep your loved ones close. To begin your application process, get advice from leading citizenship and immigration services. The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC can help to answer any questions you may have and assist with legal advice. For more information, call (972) 497-1017.

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