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Your US Citizenship Interview at Immigration Services in Dallas, TX

Working with US citizenship and immigration services in Dallas, TX to become a naturalized citizen of the United States is a long and difficult process. When you finally get to the finish line — your citizenship interview and test — here are three areas where you will need to apply absolute diligence in order to ensure success.

Your Ability to Accurately and Confidently Explain How You Got Your Green Card
It should be no surprise that the US citizenship and immigration services officer who interviews you will be scrutinizing your immigration history closely. If you got your green card through a marriage, the immigration services office has the right to ask you details about your marriage, such as whether or not you and your spouse are still married. If for some reason you and your spouse are no longer together, you will need to be prepared to provide details as to why. The services officer will want to be sure you received your green card prior to the dissolution of your marriage.

Your Current Family and Children Situation
This is especially important if you have children who are still minors and you do not live with them. You should be prepared to show how you are currently supporting those minor children and provide an explanation for why you no longer share a household with them. Acceptable evidence of support payments includes copies of canceled checks, a notarized affidavit from your ex-spouse or proof of money transfers. You should know that owing back child support could cause serious challenges to obtaining your naturalization.

Your Ability to Explain Any Kind of Criminal Record You May Have
If you have any items on your criminal record, you will need to be prepared to provide some kind of certified final disposition of your criminal record from whatever criminal court has arrested you in the past. It is highly likely that your application will be denied if at any point in the prior five years you were arrested or have been on probation. It is highly recommended that you engage an immigration lawyer if you have any arrests on your recent criminal record, as you will likely face significant challenges to obtaining naturalization if that is the case.

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