Immigration Services Can Help with the Green Card Lottery Process

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The Green Card lottery provides immigrants from qualifying nations with the opportunity to receive a green card. Also referred to as the Diversity Visa Lottery, its mission is to ensure diversification within the United States immigration process.

The Green Card lottery provides applicants with a simple process for receiving a green card. Green cards offer permanent residency benefits enabling holders to live in the United States legally.

Applicants must be citizens of countries that are underrepresented in the United States population. If you are a citizen from one of these underrepresented nations, you can apply online. Some factors may disqualify you from applying to the lottery, and the US only grants green cards to a small percentage of applicants.

Most winners of the Green Card lottery live outside of the US, however, some of the winners reside in the United States on a nonimmigrant or other legal status. These winners have their application processed through the USCIS.

If you are one of these winners you will have to establish that:

  • You have been selected for a diversity visa through the lottery offered by the DOS
  • You have an immigrant visa available when you file your application
  • You must be admissible to the US

To determine visa ability, check the current Visa Bulletin made available by the DOS. Section B of the Bulletin provides a chart indicating the current Diversity Immigrant category for visa availability. It also indicates when the category limit has been met. Section C contains a chart indicating the category limitations for the following month. Be sure to follow the list of the steps involved in the Diversity Immigrant application process through the USCIS.

If the Green Card lottery is not a realistic solution to your immigration situation, keep in mind there are other options for attaining a United States Green Card.

Green Card Application Qualification Through Family Members

You might be able to receive a United States Green Card if you have a family member who is a permanent resident or a US citizen. A family member that can sponsor you can make the process more favorable.

Green Card Application Qualification Through Employment

You may be able to receive a Green Card if you are a skilled worker. Finding an employer that is willing to sponsor you can help with the process. You can find out more about this option by downloading the Green Card Through Employment Application package. This kit provides instructions that include the requirements needed to be able to work in the United States.

Green Card Application Qualification Through Marriage

If you have a spouse who is an American citizen, you may be able to apply for a US Green Card. You can learn more about this process by reading through the Green Card Through Marriage Application available through the United States Immigration website.

Green Card Applications for Family Members

Many Green Card applicants have family members that also want to immigrate to the United States. There are special provisions offered by the United States government to ensure that family members remain together. The Green Card for Your Family information provides all the information you will need to begin the application process.

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