How a Deportation Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Immigration Status


Recently, there has been a lot of talk and implementation of executive orders concerning immigration across the nation. This causes concern for many families who live in the United States. The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC in Dallas, TX understands and can help you learn how and what affects your immigration status today. Having a deportation lawyer not only puts your mind at ease but can help you learn about any new immigration laws that may come up in the near future.

Having proof of your immigration status reduces the risk of being deported. Those who can reveal a valid proof of immigration status will likely not be taken in for questioning if stopped by a government official than those who do not. A green card that can be handed to Immigration and Customs Enforcement greatly reduces the risk of being arrested. Learning where to keep your green card, how to obtain one, or what to do instead of having a green card is something a deportation lawyer in the Dallas area can help you to understand.

Immigrants who have a history of criminal activity or prior convictions are held more accountable than those who have a clean record. Even if you have the ability to procure a green card and all of your family are U.S. citizens, having a misdemeanor on your record makes you a larger target. Having a deportation lawyer in the Dallas area allows for legal action to be taken on behalf of your stay in the United States.

Those who have a history of fraud or violent crime are targeted by I.C.E. much more aggressively than immigrants who have less serious infractions on their record. Those immigrants who can be seen as a threat to the community or country, warranted or not, should have a deportation lawyer in the Dallas area to reassure governmental officials in the face of action. With the help of a lawyer, prior convictions can be seen as a less imposing threat to the community.

Trying to change your immigration status may only make you seem more threatening. Although changing your status may appear safer, the swift update may look questionable to government officials. Whether or not you would like to update your immigration status or renew your green card, talking to a lawyer beforehand will give you background knowledge about how to best approach your unique situation.

With any deportation issue, especially today, it is important to know the rights that you have as an immigrant or otherwise. To speak with a Dallas deportation lawyer who can help you and understand your current immigration status, contact The Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC by calling (972) 497-1017 or visiting to get the answers about your rights and what you deserve.

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