How to Select Professional Legal Services in Dallas, TX

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Across the U.S. each year, millions of immigrants arrive to enjoy the benefits that residence in the country provides. In order to ensure legal passage into the country, these immigrants require the use of expert legal services. Immigrating to the United States is not a simple process. And one small mistake in filling out immigration forms can have lasting consequences on a potential bid to become a citizen of the country. Within this blog, we’ll give you some tips on finding the right Dallas, TX legal services provider for your immigration needs.

Get References from Previous Clients
Once you have chosen a potential immigration lawyer, it’s important to ask the lawyer for references. The provided references should have recent success with their immigration process and are pleased with the legal services of the immigration lawyer.

When speaking with references, ask the person how that particular immigration lawyer was of service to them. Also ask them to detail any potential areas of concern with the professional’s services. Asking specific questions will give you the best chance of selecting an immigration lawyer that will provide the best legal services in Dallas, TX.

Search Prominent Databases
Databases such as those offered by the American Immigration Lawyers Association provide a superb resource for selecting qualified professionals. Those starting from scratch are able to search for immigration lawyers in their particular community through the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association website. Membership in this community shows that the professional holds good legal standing and has a highly respected reputation. Christensen Law Firm is a proud member of the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association.

Choose a Service Provider with a Range of Expertise
It’s imperative, when selecting an immigration attorney, to choose one who has experience with a wide range of fields, including family immigration, citizenship and deportation defense. The reason to focus on those with a broad suite of experience is that they will likely be able to review all the angles to find the ideal immigration solution for their clients.

Review the Firm’s Legal Credentials
The final element in the selection process is to review your chosen firm’s legal credentials. When speaking with companies ask their legal team about their legal qualifications and experience level. It is to your advantage is the immigration lawyer you have selected maintains a good relationship with immigration officers in the area.

Here is an excerpt from our website about our immigration attorney Nathan Christensen:

“After graduating from Law School, Nathan worked for a law firm in both Lubbock and Dallas, Texas dealing exclusively in immigration law. After less than a year, he became managing attorney for the Dallas office, and two years later he was named partner. Working as the firm’s sole immigration court attorney for over three years, Nathan became familiar with all of the immigration judges in the Dallas Immigration Court and is comfortable and effective in any type of removal case. In addition, it was his job to attend every immigration interview with USCIS in Irving. This gave him experience and knowledge on all types of immigration cases and a good relationship with the Immigration Officers in the Dallas USCIS office.”

To be successful in immigrating to the United States, applicants must be proactive in searching for qualified immigration lawyers providing excellent legal services. Review the steps provided above to streamline your search for a qualified immigration lawyer to help you realize your dream of U.S. citizenship!

Contact our office today to get more information on our immigration legal services in Dallas, TX at (972) 497-1017.

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