Get Help Securing Bonds or Making Appeals With Immigration Services in Dallas


Deportation can be one of the most frightening experiences a person can go through. The possibility of being separated from your family and sent from your new home is very real. Trying to tackle a deportation case by yourself is out of the question. The Christensen Law Firm’s immigration services in Dallas can help you know what to expect during deportation proceedings to give you the best possible chance to stay with your family. This includes helping you secure a bond to be released from detention, helping you face an immigration court and judge, and helping you to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals. The Christensen Group’s full-time attorneys will stop at nothing to help you however they can, even if you need to be represented some place away from Dallas.

Many people who are subject to a pending deportation are kept in a detention center so they don’t have a chance to flee. However, the detained person does not necessarily have to stay in the detention center if certain conditions are met that ensure the detainee’s obedience to the legal process. An immigration bond is that assurance. There are three types of immigration bond agreements. One is that the alien will leave the country appropriately if ordered by the court. Two, that the United States government is reimbursed if the alien accepts any public assistance. Or three, that the alien leaves the country of their own accord if granted voluntary departure in accordance of court order. Immigration services in Dallas will help you know if you qualify for any bonds, and will help you apply for the lowest cost bond possible for your case.

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of facing a deportation order is facing the judge of the Immigration Court. It is important to know that you have a right to be represented in that court. If you find yourself standing before the judge without an attorney, you can request the chance to find one and you will be granted a time to do so. With an attorney’s help, even a negative ruling from the Immigration Court can be contested with an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals. The process of an appeal is very difficult. The professional help of The Christensen Law Firm’s experienced immigration attorneys, this process can be invaluable in securing the best possible outcome of your case. Don’t face the weight of the entire court alone. Let experts of immigration services in Dallas help.

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