Keep Your Family Together


Individuals immigrate to the United States for different reasons. Some come to improve their living or occupational conditions. Some come to attend school. And many come to be with friends and family they have missed for years. Being near loved ones is something many people need and crave. But for immigrant families, being together as a connected family unit can be difficult. Laws and regulations may allow certain members of the family to reside in the country, while others are considered illegal because of difficulties in obtaining a visa or citizenship.

If your family is in this type of situation, you know just how difficult it can be to be torn from those you love. But there is help available. Our immigration services in the Dallas TX area are focused on keeping families connected. We will work diligently to give your family the best chance possible. It is important to work with an immigration attorney in these situations, as the process is quite technical and complicated. Allow us to help your family.

When it comes to family immigration, not all circumstances are created “equal.” Different processes are set in place, depending on the family members’ relationships with one another. For example, petitioning for a spouse requires certain paperwork and can be a bit easier than for other family members. A U.S. citizen who is married to a non-citizen files these papers through an attorney. Doing so must be done correctly to avoid being promptly denied. Once this initial step is completed, several other steps must be done under the attorney’s direction.

Things are a bit more difficult for engaged couples and other family relationships. A citizen who would like his or her fiance to legally live in the country may have to wait for quite some time before the process is completed and approval is granted. Our immigration services in Dallas TX will help you get the appropriate paperwork completed and submitted. If a temporary visa (called a K-1 Visa) is granted, the couple must marry within 90 days and then apply for the spouse’s permanent residency card. It is important to note that not everyone is approved, and many are denied, from this temporary visa. Working with an attorney improves a couple’s chances of correct submission and visa approval.

Finally, residents of the United States who have other family members face a couple of different immigration processes. If a citizen or resident has children under the age of 21 or who are adopted, or if a citizen who is a child has non-citizen parents, things can be a bit easier. No limit is set by the government on how many people can obtain residency for these circumstances each year. However, for children over the age of 21 or married children, there is a limit set per year. This often means an extended period of waiting time before families can be reunited.

If your family is currently separated due to immigration complications, give our expert immigration services in Dallas TX a call at (972) 497-1017. We care about your family’s happiness and want to help your family stay together.

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