An Immigration Lawyer in Dallas TX Can Help You Achieve Your American Dream

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Some argue that immigration is a hot-button issue only during economic downturns or times of war. However, you can be certain that everyone has an opinion on immigration even when the economy is booming and during peacetime. It is just one reason immigration lawyers in Dallas TX must always be at the top of their game. As points out, immigration law has been constantly changing ever since the United States was founded. Each circumstance is truly individual, and so many elements influence the outcome of any given case. Understanding current laws, how they affect immigrants and how they can help, not impair, immigrants is essential.

Though economic opportunity has always been one issue that has drawn immigrants to the U.S., not everyone who comes here needs to obtain citizenship to make their fortune. In an article for St. Mary’s College of California, Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa highlighted the fact that talented, educated people would always be welcome in any developed country. Though those with extraordinary abilities and educations can obtain visas that provide permanent residency, there are a number of different types of work visas that allow immigrants to live and work in the U.S. legally. An experienced immigration lawyer in Dallas TX will know exactly which type of visa you need whether it is a temporary one, a visa specifically for religious workers or an investor visa.

Work and economic opportunity are just two reasons among many for immigrating to America. Temporary protection, asylum, education, tourists and victims of crimes and family violence are additional immigration categories that are accommodated in current immigration law. Of course, as with any legal process, there is a correct procedure for obtaining any level of immigration and, if you are unaware of the “right” way to proceed, you could end up outside U.S. borders.

If you are unsure of your status in the U.S. or how to maintain it, speak to an immigration lawyer in Dallas TX who understands the confusing and complicated immigration laws. The Christensen Law Firm, P.C. offers a full array of affordable immigration law services from family immigration to citizenship to deportation defense. Because The Christensen Law Firm focuses exclusively on immigration law in the U.S., you can count on their extensive knowledge and experience no matter what issue you’re facing. Consultations are low-cost and affordable, so take one step closer to achieving the American Dream. Call the Christensen Law Firm today at (972) 497-1017.

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