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Trump Administration Attempts to Further Limit Immigration

Government Officials Are Reconsidering What Jobs Qualify for H-1B Visas

H-1B visas have long benefited our country by welcoming foreign professionals in specialty occupations to bring their skills and careers to the United States. Their contributions have strengthened our nations diversity, economy, and daily life, though the opportunity may not be available to future skilled immigrants looking to do the same.

President Donald Trump’s administration is looking to impose stricter limits on immigration before the end of the year. Its latest attempt to do so targets the H-1B visa program by narrowing the definition of what qualifies as a specialty occupation. Currently, H-1B specialty occupation visas require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree or its foreign equivalentand an occupation that requires specialty training and knowledge. This grants entry to accountants, engineers, lawyers, medical professionals, and more through an already competitive lottery process.

Alongside these attempted revisions, the administration is seeking another regulation that would require employers to pay higher wages to prove that foreigners are not taking jobs from Americans in the same field and location.

These rules could be challenged in court. However, should the court argue that Trump has acted within his jurisdiction and has the power to make the requirements stricter, the hope will fall to the November election. If democratic candidate Joe Biden wins, he could reverse the decision and preserve the opportunity for future generations of skilled immigrants.

Trump has attempted to sneak in several last-minute immigration amendments before the presidential election. This latest endeavor is following on the heels of threats to visa allowances to international students and journalists, and an attempt to block temporary foreign workers in June. While most of his proposals are met with disapproval, it’s unclear what state he’ll leave immigration before the election.

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