How to Spot a Not-So-Ethical Immigration Lawyer a Mile Away

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Hiring an immigration attorney may be the most important thing you do. Obtaining permanent residency, citizenship, or any other immigration benefit can be life-changing, but getting them depends on the right lawyer to ensure the process goes smoothly. There are many options when it comes to choosing an immigration lawyer. Hiring an attorney who is not invested in earning you your rights can be detrimental to your immigration status and application process. There are certain things to look for when hiring an Immigration Lawyer inFort Worth, Texas to avoid hiring a lousy attorney.

  • They approach you in a public area. No good attorney will try to find a client in an open place, especially in an area involving the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. If anyone approaches you about an immigration opportunity in a public place, you should turn them down for your safety and security.
  • They appear overly-wealthy. The right immigration lawyers inFort Worth know that immigration attorneys do not strike it rich – they work with the people, for the people. If an attorney appears to have a lavish lifestyle or highly decorated office space, this may be a red flag. Either they charge too high a price, or they are putting on a false front to promote a hidden agenda.
  • They breach ethics. Attorneys are known for presenting the truth in a way that is beneficial for their client, and that wins cases. However, if you have an attorney that is training you to lie outright – and often – their morals do not lay with their clients. Winning a case should be every attorney’s goal, but they should do so in a way that does not put you in an ethical breach of conduct.
  • They guarantee success. No attorney can ultimately “win” a case. The final decision always rests with the U.S. government. Do not trust someone that offers you a promise of any sort. They may be lying, or they may have dangerous connections that illegally work with your case. Both situations are signs that you need to keep looking for a different immigration lawyer inFort Worth.

Above all else, you should trust your instincts. An attorney should make you feel comfortable and confident. When you need an immigration lawyerinFort Worth, count on the attorneys at the Law Office of Nathan Christensen PC. To schedule an appointment or to find more information, give us a call at F:P:Site:Phone} or visit

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